Friday, August 31, 2012

Cameron - Please Come Home!

I can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted. It feels like life is just flying by. Good thing I take pictures like nobody's business!

I guess I will update about Sophie and Cameron (:

They have both doubled their birth weight! Well, Cameron - almost! 

Sophie is home and loving it! She's getting so big, I can't believe it! She scoots backwards during her tummy time and she's so close to rolling over. I'm a proud mommy. 

Cameron is also doing excellent! He did have a set back, as I mentioned before. He ended up needing a second surgery. Which was actually a compilation of 3 procedures. Wow. I was beyond nervous... He had hiatal hernia repair. They wrapped his stomach around his esophagus and closed the space between his diaphragm. They also placed a GTube for feeding purposes. Just a couple of days after his surgery, things weren't so well... He got an infection. I cried every moment no one was looking. I was so worried about him, I barely slept.. :/ BUT he prevailed! A few days later, his cultures came back negative for infection! What a relief... He's being fed a certain amount of special formula for GI disorders through his GTube per hour. A few days ago, the finally let him start eating by mouth too! Yay! Not a whole lot, but just enough to satisfy his oral fixation. (: He is getting better every day and they said he should be home by next weekend! I am so excited. It just feels like a dream.. It felt like I was never going to have both my babies home at the same time!

Anyways... life is busy and it's getting busier!

I apologize for their not being a whole lot of recent information but even this short update tells all! 

<3 Alicia