Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What a Rollercoaster!!

Ugh! The army makes me sooooo angry sometimes! I definitely could write a book on what's been going on but I've decided not to go into detail. It's been a while since I've written and trust me, it's been one heck of an adventure. Good news, I'm finally stateside and have regular appointments with doctors at one of the best hospitals in America. Bad news, I live in a hotel! Well...

We've been living in hotels for a little over 2 weeks now. Within that time, we've lived in 3 separate hotels. How exciting!!.... Not. Fortunately our last move will be this Saturday - back to the best hotel we've visited since being in Country. That, I guess I can't complain about. 

TDY pay?! Pffft - forget it! While we are supposed to be getting $$ to cover our food and lodging expenses - we aren't. The paper work was done all kinds of wrong! So we've been paying out of pocket since we got here. Now - sooner or later we are supposed to be reimbursed for about 75%. It would be 100%, but since it's an advance - I guess that changes things. Although, in my eyes it really shouldn't. I believe we should be reimbursed 100%, no matter what!! Gotta love the way the army works! Yay! 

Orders... Uh... yeah right. So far only Brandon's have been approved - which makes NO SENSE - I'm the patient!! Hahaha, fail. But hey, they can continue to pay me to live in hotels if they want to. Thing is - we can't move into a more permanent place until we are officially stationed here. And we can't be stationed here without those orders. Imagine that, right? It's still a waiting game. Everything will eventually work itself out, I know that. It's just that the whole ordeal is a stupid mess that could have been prevented. 

At this point, all I care about is my babies and their health (: We had a visit this morning and the poor things... they look so cramped!! And their bowels cover so much of the ultrasound, I just want to hold em.. I just tell em everyday that it will be okay and they still have to take care of each other - even though our little boy is quite the nuisance to our sweet little girl. Sigh, she will prevail one day! (: The good news is that besides their bowels - everything else looks perfect!! So I have a good feeling about em! I can't wait to meet them!! Ugh. 12 weeks from now is going to sneak up on me but hey, I'm ready for it! 

Oh, I forgot to mention! We have to deliver at 37 weeks. The doctors said anything past that puts the babies at higher risk. They say that the amniotic fluid could really harm their bowels and that's one thing we really need to avoid so that the bowels can be put back into place properly. As of today, I'm 25 weeks and one day. And it's definitely starting to get uncomfortable. :/

Today, we seen that the babies are lying basically on top of each other. Both heads are on the left side of my belly - and feet on the right side. Lol cute little things, head to head. (: at least his butt wasn't in her face! We didn't get any pictures today but I'm sure we will next time! We are basically the talk about all of the OB clinics. I guess both twins having gastroschisis is incredibly rare. I know I've heard of it once or twice before - Oh you know I have to get my research on! But it's not like I've heard a billion stories... So hopefully mine is a successful one. I love my little ones so much!! 

Well, I guess for now, I'm out of words. But hey, next time I'll come with some pictures! Some belly pics and maybe even some more baby pics! (: 

Thanks for reading!!


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