Saturday, March 3, 2012

My First Post

Where do I begin? I guess the beginning would be the most logical starting point. We found out we were pregnant this past year. November, sometime. We had been trying since March or April. It was just after I started losing hope that we would ever have children so of course I was beyond excited when I finally "popped" positive.

We had our first baby appointment a few weeks later, week 10 to be exact. This was the most exciting moment of my entire life. Nothing will ever compare and I'm okay with that. I was already excited to see my baby but when it was two I was seeing on the ultrasound screen, I was ecstatic. To my knowledge, twins didn't run in my family or my husbands and we weren't on fertility treatments so we felt so lucky and so blessed.

We we directed to the high risk department in our hospital for the pure fact that they are twins. We didn't mind. Common knowledge would tell us we would have more risks. So at 12 weeks, we had another ultrasound. Baby B wanted to be the star so we ended up with a ton of great pictures from him/her but of course only a few decent ones for Baby A. 

Baby A (:

Baby B (:

At this time they noticed that both babies bowels were on the outside of their little baby bodies. They told us not to worry because they still had time to form on the inside and it could have just been late fetal development. Considering every pregnancy is different, we didn't worry too much. Of course the minute I was able to, I was "googling" away. Only to find the doctor was right, so I was able to brush the concern away, though it was always in the back of my head.

Finally at week 18, we had another ultrasound. I was so thrilled for this one! We both were! We wanted so badly for their to be a girl and a boy in there! Daddy was especially hoping for that little boy. (: To me, it didn't matter, they were already the loves of my life BUT for Daddy's sake, I wanted there to be a boy. And what do you know, we got what we were wishing and hoping so hard for! Baby A is our sweet little girl and Baby B is our sweet little boy! Of course, Baby B was trying to hard to steal the show, again! He was snapping his fingers and shaking his money maker!

Baby A - So far we have decided on Sophie Ann OR Marie.

Baby B - And for him, we like Charles Logan (: SN: Charles is my husbands first name!

So the moment we learn the sexes, clearly we were ecstatic. After finishing up the ultrasound, we were ready to go home and pick out names, clothes, gear and the whole 9 yards! Unfortunately, we had to receive some not so great news first. 

We currently live in Germany. We are both Active Duty Soldiers. The doctor came in to let us know that we are immediately being reassigned to a stateside assignment because both of our babies have Gastroschisis. We had no idea what that meant! It sounded very serious considering we can't even deliver our little ones here in Germany. We only had 3 options for the states and we have chosen the D.C. area. So for now I am continuously doing research and learning as much as possible. It's so hard being in the unknown. I of course cry from time to time but I do my best to stay positive and not to stress for my little ones. They need me right now. I talk to them daily. I let them know Mommy and Daddy are here and we will always be here. I tell them to take care of each other and not to be wrestling around too much. Even though they have different sacs, there are still so many risks involved. 

If the military decides to take too long to move our paper work along, I will be MEDEVAC'd out of Germany. Which basically means I will be moving to the states with or without the paper work involved. The goal is that both my husband and I go back at the same time because I need him more than ever right now. I have to be at a hospital by week 23 or 24. Right now, I am 18 weeks. So by the first week of April, I will have to say goodbye to all I've come to know here in Germany. It is really hard knowing that all of the great people, great friends I have made here will be so far away. I hate to be going to a state where I don't know anyone. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with and without my friends, it will be hard. But as great as they are, I know they will keep me and our little ones in our thoughts. <3


  1. I'm glad you shared and my heart hurts for both of you. I wondered why you were leaving so soon. I really hope everything works out and DC is a great area for medical care. I just wish we could be closer to help out.

  2. So sorry to hear that things took this kind of spin! But I will be praying for you and your hubby, and of course those sweet babies! Your quite a strong woman my dear!!!!!!

  3. thank you guys so much! it means a lot to our family. we are lucky to have people that look out for us. <3