Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Little Bit To Learn!

Time to bust out the preggo belly pictures! I've really been delaying this.

19 Weeks, tomorrow and I'm out there, kind of. I can't wait to see myself in the next few months. This should be so much fun! Ha! After recently losing 30 pounds and getting my body to that almost perfect spot for myself, it was definitely hard to start seeing my belly come out. But you know what, I'm really okay with it. I hope my babies know they can make me the size of 3 basketballs and stretch me to the moon and back, and I wouldn't mind. As long as they have enough room to swim around, I'm a satisfied Mommy. (: 

I especially worry now though, about them having room with their intestines also floating around in there. It's scary to think that they could end up getting too crowded and coming way too early but I just keep hoping for the best. Who knows, that may not even be an issue the doctors are concerned about but I will be asking at my next visit/ next phone call! 

I don't even run or do any type of stressful exercise anymore and it's driving me nuts! I love being active! But I am a little too worried that that one extra stride or that one extra crunch could do something to harm their bowels. I can't wait until these babies pop out because I am so ready to do some P90X and some running! 

Anyways, tomorrow is the day I get my paperwork back from the doctor! Yay! And then it's all a stressball of out processing from there. But we can handle this (: Moving shouldn't be too awful. I know for a fact we have lots of help on this end! I am worried about being able to find a decent place that accepts doggies (so Daddy can bring his lab, Max) and has 2 bedrooms, at least. We really wanted 3 BUT we quickly realized that's not going to happen within our price range or needs but that's okay! 2 is just fine! 

Anyways, I decided I would give a description of Gastroschisis for this blog. I actually stole it from another website I go to pretty often for Gastroschisis but that's because to me, it seemed like the easiest way to get it across without writing a book or two.

Gastroschisis,  causes the intestines to protrude outside the belly, results from a weakness in the abdominal wall and must be repaired surgically. Gastroschisis is not normal. Although a fetus' intestines will develop outside its body for a time, they should be totally internalized at the time of birth.

This is a great page to learn a little more about Gastroschisis (also where I stole this pic from), but also to raise awareness.

I do plan on finding more websites like this one. 

In case you were curious, because I really didn't know, there's a green ribbon for Gastroschisis! (:

That's really all I have for now. But this week, I will keep you updated with things like when we're leaving Germany, when we will be stateside and anything new that I learn. Thank you again for taking the time to be a part of my family and helping us through this. 


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