Sunday, July 22, 2012

Keep Our Little Guy In Mind!


This is going to be a pretty short update but you'll get the idea. Besides, most of you follow me on FB and already know the deal for the most part. 

Today was a pretty big day for us in the Rhein Family! (:

We brought our beautiful daughter, Sophie Marie home today. Well as close to home as can be right now. We are still in he Fisher house until Cameron can come home as well. We can't wait to be home and settled, of course. The most important thing right now is getting Cameron home though... 

Our little man is having a little bit more trouble than his sister. Sohpie handled the surgery very well. She's eating like she should be and pooping just fine! Cameron is also eating enough and pooping just fine! Unfortunately he has episodes.. His heart rate drops into the higher 50's, lower 60's... :/ Originally they thought it was just from reflux because babies with Gastroschisis tend to have more issues with reflux and bowel movements. After trying numerous ways to maybe lessen the amount of reflux, nothing worked. So they did an X-ray after having him swallow Barium (a liquid that allowed them to see where it was moving to - that way they would know where his food was also going). The discovered he has a Hiatal Hernia. Google it, I'm too tired to explain lol

Anyways.. So for now they are trying different ways to make his reflux less of an issue.. But nothing seems to be working. They are trying medicine, less food more often, and keeping him up-right for a while after he eats.

If these things don't work, he will have another surgery to fix the Hiatal Hernia.. For now, we are all hanging in there!

I'm sad he is by himself in the NICU now.. I wish him and Sophie didn't have to seperate. I am glad she is doing so well but it hurts me so bad to see him suffer. :/

Wish us luck in the next few weeks. <3

For now - I am exhausted.

<3 Alicia

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